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International Contributors
International Student Research Team

Our team is typically comprised of about 30 graduate and undergraduate students representing over 8 countries from various universities throughout the world (i.e. Columbia, University of Mumbai, Brown, UCLA, Peking University, Moscow State University, University of Cape Town), to name a few.


Students duties can vary depending on the Centers current needs:


  • Assist with various research projects


  • Engage in literature and news searches;


  • Assisting in the development of new material for human rights and gendercide courses and presentations.


  • Perform a variety of tasks including preparation of Power Point presentations, data entry and analysis, and web site development;


  • Monitoring and documenting gendercide abuses by collecting and analyzing information from a wide variety of sources including government, local media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), journalists, diplomats, security forces and others in the field;


  • Writing and publicizing reports, briefing papers, letters, news releases, op-eds, and submissions to international bodies based on the findings of one’s research;


  • Working closely with colleague NGOs and local human rights organizations to engage in joint research efforts;



Global Gendercide Resource Center has various academic contributors and supporters that enables us to make a difference in the U.S. and internationally in the regions most impacted by gendercide.

Who We Are


Our research team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from various academic disciplines and universities.​ Global Gendercide Resource Center's research team works in collaboration with other non-profit agencies, as well as, US based and International universities on a variety of Human Rights and Gendercide research proposals & initiatives.​​​


If you are interested in joining our student research team, please submit your resume and cover letter to the Executive Director Markus Redding:

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