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Markus Redding


Has been a social justice/human rights advocate for over 25 years. He teaches a variety of courses at Columbia University and lectures at various other institutions on topics related to law, human rights, native american rights, social work and advocacy topics: race and ethnicity, “gendercide”, bullying and human rights.


He is actively involved in a variety of domestic/international social justice projects, including being the Executive Director of Global Gendercide Advocacy & Awareness Project (GGAAP) and Gendercide International Resource Center, an academic think-tank that collaborates with international leaders to build awareness and address the issue of gendercide and other human rights violations. He also works on several community and policy research initiatives relating to cultural genocide, criminal justice, homelessness, native american rights, domestic violence and alternative dispute resolution. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, grants and fellowships.


Our Global Gendercide Awareness Campaign includes speaking and lecturing at numerous universities and events throughout the world. It also includes awareness building materials, posters, shirts, etc.



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